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About Jonathan Fanning

Internationally renowned speaker and leadership expert, Jonathan Fanning, has written several books, including Who are you BECOMING? and I Once Was Lost.

He's been helping organizations (Alvin Ailey, FDNY, Mercedes, Mars Chocolate, McDonald's, Schools, Churches, Non-profits) find and implement game-changers for over 20 years.

Jonathan's TEDx Talk was voted "best of the conference!"

He has also built several successful businesses, including a national children’s fitness franchise and Entrepreneur Adventure, to help young people experience business start-up and ownership.

Jonathan brings his amazing gift of combining story-telling, humor, emotion, and tough questions to his acclaimed keynotes, workshops, leadership retreats, and coaching programs.

Keynotes - Workshops - Coaching Programs

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  • Who are you BECOMING? [Why Most Leadership Development Programs are a Waste of Time... and What to do About It] What 2 ingredients are missing? A year from now, you’ll be a better leader, parent, person... or not. More courageous, caring, focused, patient, humble, passionate, effective... or not. Based on Jonathan’s best-selling book, discover the "Simplest and Most Effective Leadership Development Plan!"
  • Creativity Unleashed [5 Habits of World-Class InnovatorsAre you and your organization becoming more - or less - creative? "Einstein's Hour" and the “Innovator’s Equation” are among the many game-changers we'll explore. Voted best talk at a TEDx conference & the topic of a forthcoming book!
  • Building Emotional Intelligence [A Practical Blueprint with Ripple Effects in Every Aspect of Life] Emotions affect everything... and they are contagious. Are yours worth spreading? Discover a powerful framework to take your Emotional Intelligence to the next level.
  • The Essence of Authentic Leadership [4 Paradoxical Choices of Leaders People CHOOSE to Follow] Every leader is an agent of change… for better or for worse! What separates those we choose to follow from those we follow simply because we "have" to? 4 Habits that change your world!
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