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"Frying Pan" Moments...

Have you ever had a wake-up call? What I like to call a "frying pan" experience? When you realize something is wrong, broken, not working as well as it could or should?

Two tractor trailers played hockey with my car on the highway. Warm day, cold night, black ice.

When I regained consciousness, I saw a line of cars heading towards me at highway speeds. Get out of the car and off the road! I almost jumped the guardrail and off the bridge...

Wake up! You need to make some changes in your life. In the way you lead. In the kind of person you are becoming. After that frying pan moment, this is a glimpse of the conversations I started to have with myself.

I was a management consultant and "successful" entrepreneur, helping some of the most recognizable companies in the world to get better. I'd manage part of a company in a turn-around or coach leaders to build a dynamic and sustainable culture.

After that accident, I slowly started to pursue a different set of questions.

One of those questions: How can I say "Thank You" more often and in a more meaningful way? The video above is one example.

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A year from now, you’ll be a better leader... or not. More courageous... or not. More caring... or not. More focused... or not. More patient... or not. More humble... or not. Based on Jonathan’s best-selling book, Who are you BECOMING?, participants will discover 4 pillars that the greatest leaders have in common and a simple formula for raising your leadership lid. A favorite of audiences across the country, discover “The Simplest and Most Effective Leadership Development Plan”, borrowing powerful and practical lessons from the greatest people developers in all walks of life. 
  - What is the greatest leadership advice ever given to a U.S. president? A game-changer for your leadership!
  - What one thing must a leader do during a crisis?
  - What success formula do world-class 7th grade teachers, Viktor Frankl, and YOU have in common?

This program applies to you, whether you lead a company, non-profit, team, family, or just yourself.

“My team quotes Jonathan daily. He challenged the way we look at leadership!”

(Kelly L., Sr. Director, Pfizer)

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 Engagement affects everything! How engaged are you? How well do you affect the engagement of people around you? Research shows that we know more about EQ - Emotional (Intelligence ) Quotient - than ever, yet very few are masters. Jonathan will discuss the demise of EQ in our text-crazy culture and what that means to leaders, parents, teachers, coaches, and you. This program is full of incredibly memorable stories, real-life scenarios, and a four-part process to take your EQ to the next level. Amygdala “hijacks” can tear apart a business or relationship in seconds. Do you have a strategy to master them? Can you teach your strategy to others? After this hilarious and engaging program, your answer will be “Yes!”

“Jonathan challenged and truly inspired our group. Material was insightful, passion was infectious, our leadership wants him back!”

(Kristen S., AmeriCorps Leadership Summit)

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Discover the secrets to unlocking creativity - when it matters most! Innovation and creativity are paramount in today’s rapidly changing climate. Are you and your organization becoming more - or less - creative? Jonathan’s TED Talk on this topic won the best speaker of the conference. Participants will discover 5 core strategies to build a culture of creativity. Lessons and memorable anecdotes come from some of the most creative people and organizations in history, as well as Jonathan’s personal experience implementing these lessons as an entrepreneur, parent, educator, and with clients large and small. What Jonathan calls the “innovator’s equation” has been a game-changer for leaders across the country. This was a favorite for a global entrepreneurship summit in Sydney, Australia.

“Jonathan opened my eyes with his ‘Innovator’s Equation’ - that concept will disrupt the way we run our businesses!”

(Jeff Hyatt, CEO Hyatt Family Facilities)

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[Especially relevant in these surreal times.] Every leader is an agent of change… for better or for worse! What separates those we choose to follow from those we follow simply because we "have" to? They Serve is a unique exploration of the most effective time-tested leadership principles and paradoxes.  We all know great leadership when we see it.  What four things must a servant leader do?  Most organizations that teach servant leadership violate at least two of these building blocks. This program may change the way you look at role models forever.

“Powerful and moving!  Jonathan is truly a special person – with a message that met the “needs” of our whole culture.”

(Lee D., Mars Chocolate)

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“Wow! This program showed me the leader I knew I could be... Inspiring. Challenging. Hilarious. Practical. Invite Jonathan to speak for your organization. Game-changer. Our whole leadership team has been quoting Jonathan Fanning for months now!
          - Tiara R., CFO, Maryland

“The best leadership speaker I have ever experienced. Awesome! Passing so many ideas along to family and friends. I'm going through Jonathan's entire online course again, from start to finish! Why? Why do I recommend this program to all my friends, family, and colleagues? The Who are you BECOMING? Challenge gets me to do what I knew I was capable of doing. Gets me to become who I am capable of becoming. What's that worth?”
          - Leslie T., AHA (American Hospital Association)

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